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It’s been a very eventful and busy couple if months for me.  So many exciting things have been happening.  I made some rather scary decisions, against the ‘sensible’ judgement of well meaning friends and acquaintances.  I can honestly say that although it has been totally terrifying, my bravery/stupidity has more than paid off.  Sometimes chucking yourself into the dark unknown is the only way forward.  At least one thing is for certain, life won’t be boring!  Life is too short for boring.

Here’s the lowdown:

I decided to throw in the towel and let somebody else take over my office job. . . freedom!  That was very scary and I know a lot of people still think I’m dumb/naïve in doing that, but I honestly don’t care.  I have never felt better not having to spend the majority of my time doing something that was in effect slowly destroying me.  It has freed up so much creative energy etc, and 2 months on . . . . I am broke that’s for sure, but guess what. . . . I’m still alive people!

Since I made that decision, a lot of great things have swung my way (apart from that much needed lotto win).  Firstly I am working on a series of small paintings for a solo show in January, my first one.  Blog post to come about that shortly.

I am also fortunate enough to have been accepted as artist in residence at the Electric House, a new project run by Meanwhile Space.  I saw an ad for The Electric House project via BAR (Brent Artists Resource) which I am a member of, and submitted my proposal straight away.  Luckily they liked my proposal and I moved in 2 weeks ago.  Please check out the Meanwhile Space to see what they are about here.  What a super company run by a very motivated and passionate bunch of people who seem to go the extra mile to make things happen.  Diana Grisales is running and managing the space and is a real pleasure to work with.  She makes Electric House!  It is very refreshing to work alongside something where the focus is not self centered (not unusual in this egocentric business), but all about making things happen for a better cause.  This is not merely a good idea as the team have recently won a national regeneration award for the work they have done in Willesden with the Queens Parade and the New Windows on Willesden Green Project.  Very happy to be part of all this and hope I can make some sort of meaningful contribution myself!

Corner of my studio


Next Saturday I will be running a public drawing event in the front of the Electric House, possibly outside, weather permitting of course.  I will be drawing portraits and sketching passers by and those waiting at the bus stop outside the front windows.  There will be lots going on in the area that afternoon so hopefully a lot of people will be around to get involved and maybe stop for a quick portrait.  Please come along if you can.  The event will coincide with the Lantern Parade in Willesden Green as well as the private view of fellow artist in residence, Jane Clarke, who will be showcasing one of her large interactive sculptural pieces.  If you are around, I highly recommend you come by and check it out.

The idea of the drawing event is to engage members of the public, especially those who would not normally take an interest in art, and make them aware of what is going on in the area and introduce some new creative possibilities.  My personal interest is to try and take art outside of the usual places of galleries and exhibition spaces to places more accessible, and possibly surprising.  Why should art be confined to a gallery after all.  Not a new concept by any means, but one that still has so very many possibilities.  Watch this space as I have a new such project in the pipeline.  I’ve already had a few chuckles about it so I’d better not say anymore until it is all finalized. . . . fingers crossed.

A huge thank you to Brent Council who are so supportive of the arts and have enabled so many opportunities for locals and beyond.  You totally rock!

It’s truley fantastic and inspirational to be participating in this project and I have certainly already realised a thing or two about what possibilities can be achieved just by being involved.

Please let me know what you think, any ideas about possible community project ideas etc are welcome.  Also please sign up to my mailing list for first info about future events and goings on.

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