Lifeblood – New Series (Work in progress)

I thought it might be a good idea to post a few pictures of some of the paintings I’m currently working on.

I don’t normally like to show work in progress for the obvious reason that it is not finished.   My painting process is pretty unpredictable, so the works often change drastically before I decide to call them ‘finished’ (nothing is ever finished).  On this occasion I’ve had a very mixed response to what I’m doing.  People’s reactions have been varied and interesting, and have provoked some interesting thoughts and discussions.

I’ll be writing a bit more about this series at a later stage but I invite you to please leave a comment below if you feel any sort of response to these images or have any personal thoughts.


















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  • John Harris May 24, 2014, 11:08 pm

    Your talent and ability to communicate with drawing and painting is clearly obvious and shows a very high degree of technical skill. I believe you have a desire to provoke and engage the viewer with subject matter that is outside the box, initiates a series of painting ‘talking points’and your corvid series did exactly that -not only in the mysterious and sinister way you expressed the images but in the birds relationships with other emotionally opposite subject matter, doves…a beautiful flower. It triggered much reflection and musing. I must admit I have’nt got your lifeblood series yet but the subject matter has got my intrigue and so has the potential. The paintings are almost too beautiful, classically composed; excellent studies that allow me to appreciate your ability to record what you see with an accomplished style. If you have set out to show beauty in death and meat butchery then you are achieving it. BUT I suspect that the fact that you are showing this work for comment at this stage means that the outcome so far does’nt fulfil the potential of what is in your mind’s eye, there is a lack of compelling story which goes beyond the visual. I remember visiting an abatoir/butchery a few years ago and seeing a cows head hanging on a hook waiting for the vet to OK the rest of the carcass, it was an image which I carry with me in memory to this day- it provoked a raft of thoughts about the processing of food right through to the actual hook that would have made an Andrew Wyeth style painting all by itself! Maybe you need a provocative painting which gives serial meaning to what you have already produced…just a thought.


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